The City of Bessemer, Alabama has announced that starting Tuesday the 10th of September, all the fire departments to include the Fire Administration Building will be collecting items for the hurricane-stricken islands of the Bahamas.

This drive takes on even more significance in that the Consul General of the Bahamas Mrs. Astra Armbrister-Rolle was the special guest of the Central Alabama Caribbean American Organization (CACAO) at the festival in DeBardaleben Park on June 1st.

According to Mayor Gulley:” There is truly a time and a place for everything under the sun and no one could have imagined that a mere 3 months after the festivities in our city, we would be called on to help our neighbors in the Caribbean.”

Items needed urgently include: water, diapers, first aid supplies, personal care items, chain saws, blankets, flashlights, single burner stoves, water containers, plastic tarps, portable radios, batteries, generators, deodorant, toothpaste, paper products, bleach, mops, buckets, brooms, shovels, rakes, axes, garbage bags, baby formula., wheel barrows, cots.

Items will be collected through September 21st, after which they will be shipped to the Consulate in Atlanta for transportation to the Bahamas.

Mayor Gulley and CACAO are counting on the generosity of the citizens of Bessemer for their help in this hour of need for our neighbors in the Caribbean.

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CACAO is a registered non-profit with the State of Alabama. For additional information

visit the website or look for them on Facebook.


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Official public notice is hereby given that the City of Bessemer, Alabama will receive sealed bids for the Bessemer Multi-Use Trail Extension Along Highway 150 – PHASES 2&3 project.

There will be a MANDATORY Pre-Bid meeting on September 12, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. at the office of EEFS Company, PC, 1930 2nd Avenue North, Suite 150, Bessemer, Alabama 35020.

Bids will be opened and read aloud on September 19, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. at the Bessemer City Hall- First Floor Multipurpose Room – 1700 3rd Avenue North Bessemer, Alabama 35020.

Deadline for submitting bids is 2:00 p.m. on September 19, 2019 to EEFS Company, PC 1930 2nd Ave N, Suite 150, Bessemer, Alabama 35020.

Bids MUST be submitted directly to the office of the City Engineer. Bids will be accepted prior to the date of opening of bids at the office of the City Engineer from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday or mailed to EEFS Company, PC. Each bid must be sealed and the following words must appear on the outside of the sealed envelope:

Bessemer Multi-Use Trail Extension Along Highway 150 – PHASES 2&3

Scope of Work:
The Multi-Use Trail Extension Phase 2 (Project No. TAPAA-TA17(905) is approximately 425 LF of trail construction along an abandoned railroad bed adjacent to Highway 150. The project will consist of approximately 45 Tons of asphalt trail paving (10’ wide), ornamental metal benches and trash cans placed on cast-in-place concrete pads, 660 LF of three-rail vinyl composite fence, and steel truss pedestrian bridge (approximate 88’-1 ” single span) over Berkley Avenue, required support columns, concrete end slabs, and substructure modifications (pedestals and backwall) on existing in-place abutments. Also included is minor excavation, erosion control, and project lighting.

The Multi-Use Trail Extension Phase 3 (Project No. TAPAA-TA18(913) is approximately 420 LF of trail construction along an abandoned railroad bed adjacent to Highway 150. Base bid construction includes approximately 2400 SF of MSE retaining wall, steel truss pedestrian bridge (approximate 92’9” single span) over Arlington Avenue, required support columns, concrete end slabs, and substructure modifications (pedestals and backwall) on existing in-place abutments, 308 LF of asphalt trail paving (10’ wide) and 478 SY of Concrete Sidewalk 6” thick, 14 SY of Concrete Sidewalk 4” thick. Also included is ornamental handrail, ornamental metal benches and trash cans placed on cast-in-place concrete pads, 645 LF of three-rail vinyl composite fence, unclassified and borrow excavation, storm drainage improvements, concrete curb (Type A), erosion control, and project lighting. Bid Alternate #1 includes construction of approximately 356 SF of MSE retaining wall, ornamental handrail and concrete sidewalk. Bid Alternate #2 for the Trailhead Parking Area includes asphalt paving, concrete sidewalk, concrete curb (Type A), and project lighting.

The entire project shall be completed in 150 working days.

It is not required that a contractor have an Alabama General Contractor’s License to submit a bid. However, prior to award of a contract proper proof of all applicable licensures must be provided by the contractor. All General Contractors must be authorized to perform the following types of work: Highways and Streets (HS). Prior to Notice to Proceed, proof of insurance coverages of the types and amounts as set forth in the project specifications well be required of the contractor, and any and all subcontractors. The general contractor will be required to perform work amounting to at least 30% of the total contract cost with his own organization.

This is a Federally funded project through ALDOT. The proposed work shall be performed in conformity with the rules and regulations for carrying out the Federal Highway Act and other acts amendatory, supplemental, and relative thereto. This project is subject to the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act and its implementation regulations.

MBE/DBE participation is encouraged; however, no specific MBE/DBE goals have been established for this project.

In accordance with title vi of the civil rights act of 1964, 78 stat. 252, 42 u.s.c. 2000d to 2000d-4 and title 49, code of federal regulations, department of transportation, subtitle a, office of the secretary, part 21, nondiscrimination in federally-assisted programs of the department of transportation issued pursuant to such act, all bidders are hereby notified that it will be affirmatively ensured that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in consideration for an award.

This work falls under the Davis-Bacon Act, as amended (40 U.S.C.276a to a-7) and that contractor shall supply the Community Development Program with certified payroll documentation. The Davis-Bacon and Related Acts will apply to contractors and subcontractors performing construction, alteration, or repair with federally funded or assisted contracts $2,000 or more. Under this Act, contractors shall be required to pay Wages specified in a wage determination made by the Secretary of Labor.

In addition, contractors shall be required to pay wages not less than once a week. A current copy of the prevailing wage will be attached to Tech Spec and contractor shall attach a copy of the prevailing wage to bid proposal. The award of contract shall be conditioned upon the acceptance of the wage determination.

Minimum Wage Rates for this project have been pre-determined by the Secretary of Labor and are set forth in the advertised specification.

A cashier’s check or bid bond payable to City of Bessemer in an amount not less than five (5) percent of the amount of the bid, but in no event more than $50,000.00, must accompany the bidder’s proposal along with Non-Collusion Affidavit. A One Hundred Percent (100%) Performance Bond and a One Hundred Percent (100%) Payment Bond and evidence of insurance required in the bid documents will be required at the signing of the Contract.

Drawings and specifications may be examined at the office of EEFS Company, PC.

To submit a bid, a complete set of a bid documents MUST be obtained from EEFS Company, PC. Bid Documents may be obtained from EEFS Company, PC, the Engineer upon deposit of $300 per set which will be refunded in full on the first set issued to each general contract bidder submitting a bonafide bid, upon return of documents in good condition within ten days of the bid date. Other sets for general contractors, and sets for subcontractors and dealers, may be obtained with the same deposit, which will be refunded as above, less cost of printing, reproduction, handling, and distribution. Bid Documents must be picked up no later than 24 hours prior to the bid opening.

All general contractor bidders must be pre-qualified pursuant to pre-qualification procedures and criteria established by the Owner prior to picking up bid documents. Bidders shall provide the following information prior to obtaining bid documents: copy of current Alabama General Contractor’s License, copy of contractor’s certificate of insurance, letter from bonding company stating bonding capacity and limits, evidence showing minimum 5 years’ experience doing similar projects listing project name, original contract amount, final contract amount, and owner contact information. Bids must be submitted on proposal forms furnished by the Engineer or copies thereof. All bidders bidding in amounts exceeding that established by the State Licensing Board for General Contractors must be licensed under the provisions of Title 34, Chapter 8, Code of Alabama, 19, and must show evidence of license before bidding or bid will not be received or considered by the Engineer) the bidder shall show such evidence by clearly displaying his or her current license number on the outside of the sealed envelope in which the proposal is delivered. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive technical errors if, in the Owner’s judgment, the best interests of the Owner will thereby be promoted.

Engineer’s Estimate: $1,200,000.00

Nonresident bidders must accompany any written bid documents with a written opinion of an attorney at law licensed to practice law in such nonresident bidder’s state of domicile, as to the preferences, if any or none, granted by the law of that state to its own business entities whose principal places of business are in that state in the letting of any or all public contracts.

Mayor Kenneth Gulley

EEFS Company, PC
1930 2nd Avenue N, Suite 150
Bessemer, AL35020
(205) 424-3737


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The city of Bessemer has approved its 2020 Transportation Plan.

The plan was adopted by the Bessemer City Council on Tuesday, August 20. It was prepared by STRADA Professional Services and the EEFS Company, P.C.

The plan addresses road projects city leaders deem as important to economic growth and safety and that are eligible for state funding.

The Alabama Rebuild Act, passed earlier this year by the Alabama Legislature, increases the state’s gas tax for the first time since the 1990s. Beginning September 1, drivers will pay an extra six cents at the pump, followed by increases of 2 cents in October of both 2020 and 2021.

As part of the Act, the state will implement the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program II, or ATRIP-II. The Alabama Department of Transportation will make available between $30 million and $50 million a year in grant funding for designated road projects in counties and cities throughout the state. The maximum award for a county or municipality is $2 million.

Jurisdictions are required to adopt a Transportation Plan by August 30 in order to be eligible for the grant funding.  The grant funding will be done on a competitive basis and will be awarded by an ATRIP-II committee
based on factors such as economic growth and safety.

Click here to view road projects Bessemer’s Transportation Plan



The city of Bessemer’s Municipal Court and Lawson State Community College on today announced a new initiative aimed at giving misdemeanor offenders in the city an opportunity to clear their record and learn job skills.  

Operation Arrested But Corrected (A.B.C.) is a program developed between the two institutions to create an alternative sentencing and continuing education program in the Bessemer community. The program will give defendants arrested for a misdemeanor in the city of Bessemer an option to enroll in certification and job training courses through LSCC after his/her court appearance. The program will be an alternative to serving jail time, officials said.  

Involvement in the program will be at the discretion of a municipal court judge. If the defendant successfully completes the desired courses, the misdemeanor charges will be dismissed at no cost. The partnership will also help offenders find employment opportunities once the alternative sentencing phase is completed.

The initial phase of the program will start in the summer/fall of 2019 and will involve only court offenders. However, Municipal Court Magistrate Dr. Maurice Muhammad said the campaign could be expanded in the future to include those outside the court system.

Offenders will have an opportunity to be engaged in one of three programs offered through LSCC’s Adult Education Program:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Program,
  • Certified Construction Apprentice Program,
  • Class B CDL.  

To learn more, contact Magistrate Dr. Muhammad at (205) 426-8602.


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The city of Bessemer continues to operate with strong financial management as evidenced by another successful audit, city officials were told earlier this week.

The audit, which covers the period from Oct. 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018, was completed by the firm of Kellum, Wilson and Associates, P.C. The audit was presented to Mayor Kenneth Gulley and members of the City Council during the July 9, 2019 Planning Session.

“The city is healthy financially and that comes from good financial management,” said CPA Lori Kes, the City’s external auditor.

Kes noted that city’s general fund revenue increased by 11.6 percent compared to FY17. Tax revenue increased by 9.1 percent, exceeding expectations. Kes further noted, that there were significant improvements in the city’s sales tax collection and attributed a portion of this increase to the city’s participation in the state of Alabama’s Simplified Sellers Use Tax. This tax allows online sellers to collect and remit a flat fee for sales made online.

Overall, the city’s actual revenues exceeded budgeted revenues for the year. City expenditures decreased 1 percent during the same time period, the audit shows.

Mayor Gulley praised the work of Finance Director/Treasurer Kela Pryor, CPA and staff for their roles in maintaining the city’s strong financial status.

“The city of Bessemer continues to operate under good financial management”, city officials were told earlier this week in a presentation of the most recent audit.

The city’s Finance Department is responsible for safeguarding the city’s finances. It oversees treasury management, accounts payable, purchasing, revenue collection, debt management, budgeting, payroll and human resources and internal auditing. In addition, the finance department is responsible for grant management, contract compliance, and the establishment and implementation of internal controls policy and procedure.

Each year the city of  Bessemer provides its completed audit report on-line. To read the audit report, click City of Bessemer Financial Statement 2018.


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Officials with the city of Bessemer and the Bessemer Airport Authority broke ground Tuesday morning on construction of a 14,220 square foot hangar project at the Bessemer Municipal Airport.

The $750,000 project is being funded by the combination of a grant from the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and a loan from Cadence Bank. Garver Inc. is providing project management and design, while Wayne Davis Construction will serve as the general contractor.

The project will include 10 individual T-hangars with large opening doors to accommodate Cirrus aircraft. Construction of the hangers is expected to be completed by December, said Tim Wasyluka, Airport manager.

City officials hailed the groundbreaking as another milestone in the city’s economic development efforts. The Bessemer Municipal Airport is a public-use airport and is categorized as a reliever airport for the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. Several companies and private jets currently lease or own hangars at the airport.

Bessemer Mayor Kenneth Gulley said the airport is becoming an important piece of the city’s industry recruitment efforts. In past years, city and airport officials have been able to market the airport and its location in the region to prospective companies such as Steyr Arms USA.

The hangar project will only aid those efforts, city officials said.

“We want the airport to grow and this is the first step in growing it,” said Bessemer councilwoman Donna Thigpen, who represents the city on the authority’s board.

Construction of the hangars is the latest in a series of recent upgrades at the facility. In June, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced the Bessemer Airport is in line to receive $2,277,393 to rehabilitate the airport’s runway and runway lighting.

Last fall, Birmingham-based Sanders Capital Partners announced that it had acquired three corporate hangars at the Bessemer Airport for $1.3 million. Jackson Stewart, general counsel for Sanders Capital Partners, said at the time that Bessemer is playing an “increasingly significant” role in the aviation mix in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa markets.

Jefferson County Commissioner Jimmie Stephens, a pilot himself, said much of the major work at the airport was done prior to national events such as 9/11 and the Great Recession. Those events slowed progress at the airport. Stephens said he hopes the city, county and state can continue working together to grow the airport.

“It’s taken us a long time to kickstart this economic engine for Bessemer and western Jefferson County,” Stephens said.