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The Public Improvements Department of the City of Bessemer is a diverse department with tasks ranging from Garbage and Trash collection to Animal Control and Weed Nuisance Abatement. 

Our Department responsibilities include maintenance of streets and right-of-ways, maintenance of traffic signals and signs and enforcement of the city’s ordinances regarding weeds and overgrown nuisance properties.

The Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of garbage/refuse and trash in the city of Bessemer. The department also operates the city’s Recycling Center.

Garbage/Refuse Collection.Citizens in Bessemer are serviced twice a week with the collection of household garbage/refuse (except Wednesdays). Residents in the city are urged to have a garbage can not larger than 45 gallons for pickup. Electronic devices are excluded from collection. 

Trash Collection.The city of Bessemer provides trash collection to its citizens. Items 
considered trash are leaves and yard waste, limbs, furniture and broken down boxes. City ordinance prohibits contractors from disposing of debris through the city’s sanitation department and offenders will be contacted by the Bessemer Police Department. 

Recycling. The Bessemer Recycling Center is located at 1601 First Avenue North. It operates daily (M-F) from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cardboard, plastics, newspaper are among the items collected. For more information, contact the Recycling Center at tel: 205-425-0068. 

Streets and Roadway Maintenance. The city of Bessemer’s Street Division is responsible for the maintenance of the city’s roadways, including mowing of right-of-ways, litter collection and maintenance of sidewalks and roadways. 

Traffic. The city of Bessemer’s Traffic Division is responsible for the maintenance of the city’s traffic signals and signs. 

Weed Abatement and Overgrown lots. The city of Bessemer’s Weed Abatement program is designed to enforce the city’s weed nuisance ordinance. For more on the city’s weed abatement enforcement efforts, click the following tab:
Animal Control.Responsible for the collection of stray animals, such as dogs and cats. For more information on the city’s animal control laws, visit: 


What are your Business Hours?

     Monday thru Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

How much do you charge for your services?

     There is no charge.

What is considered garbage?

     Discarded food from your kitchen. Example (leftovers, beverage containers, egg cartons, etc.)

When are my garbage days?

     Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays – See map. There is no garbage collection on Wednesdays.

When should I put my garbage out?

     Garbage should be set out the night before or no later than 5:00 a.m. on your scheduled day of service.

What size cans do you service?

     Cans up to 45 Gallon are the largest we will empty; maximum of 4 cans per household.

What if I don’t have a garbage can? Will you pick up garbage in a garbage bag?

     Yes, but if dogs go through it and tear up the bag the home owner is responsible for clean up.

What if I miss putting my garbage out on time and the truck has already run?

     You have to wait until your next scheduled garbage collection day.

What happens if my garbage or trash days fall on a holiday?

     You have to wait until your next schedule day.

How often is trash picked up?

     Once every other week or bi-weekly.

What is considered trash?

     Leaves, limbs, furniture and broken down boxes.

Why didn’t the trash truck pick up my appliances or electronics?

     Trash trucks are not allowed to pick up appliances and electronics, you have to call the office and have a work 
     order written up to request a special pick up for appliances and electronics.

Do you pick up car tires?

     Yes, you have to call the office for a special pick up and we will pick up a maximum of 4  tires per household. We do not pick up any size above SUV tires.

Is there anything you don’t pick up?

     We do not pick up any materials that are generated through contracted services.

What should I do if I see someone illegally dumping trash or garbage?

     Call Bessemer Police Department at tel: 205-425-2411 and give a description of the car, tag number if visible and the direction the car is traveling.

What should I do if my neighbor put their trash out after the trash truck run?

     Contact our office at tel: 424-4084. Give the address of the neighbor so that we can explain to them the city policy and procedure for trash service.

Who should I contact if trees are growing through power line?

     Bessemer is serviced by two utility companies in Bessemer Utilities and Alabama Power. Depending on the location and which service you use, you will need to contact the relevant power company. The contact information for Bessemer Utilities is tel: 205-431-4333.

Is the city responsible for trees that fall during heavy rain or a storm?

     No, that is an act of nature therefore; the city is not liable for any damage it causes.

How much do you charge to pick up my animal?

     The charge is $12.50.

When do I have to pay the money for my animal pick up?

     We send bills out at the end of the month.

Can I adopt animals at your location?

     There is no adoption service at our location. 
    After hours: For after-hours calls regarding issues with a street, animal or traffic signal, contact the Bessemer Police Department at tel: 205-425-2411.


Lawrence Hatter
1700 Third Avenue North
Bessemer, Alabama 35020
tel: 205 424-4084 phone
tel: 205 424-4082 fax