Updated Aug. 6: Water main issue impacting portions of city, Bessemer Water customers in neighboring cities

Updated, Monday, Aug. 6, 2018 – Repair work continues today to repair a water system disruption caused by a failure of a water line at 18th Street North and 10th Avenue North. Bessemer Water crews were notified Monday morning that additional repairs are needed to stabilize the line, which underwent repairs on  Friday. Water services was restored to customers overnight Friday into Saturday morning, but the failure of a sleeve to hold over the past two days caused additional disruptions to the system. Customers impacted on Friday will likely be impacted again by today’s repairs. Bessemer Water officials and officials with Municipal Consultants anticipate the repairs lasting into the early afternoon. Currently, water service is expected to resume to affected customers by this afternoon or early evening. A worse case scenario could result in outages into early Tuesday morning. FRIDAY Bessemer Water customers in the Brighton, Midfield, Lipscomb and portions of the city of Bessemer are being impacted this hour by a water main issue. Bessemer Water crews are working at this moment to resolve the issue, which is along one of the main lines feeding the affected cities and portions of the downtown Bessemer, Jonesboro, Northside, Southside. The outage is resulting in a complete water outage in some areas although some customers are currently dealing with low water pressure. The outage has caused Bessemer City Hall, the Bessemer Recreation Center, Bessemer Utility offices, Municipal court and other impacted city offices to close. Bessemer Water anticipates the affected areas to have normal service by late this afternoon, according to Jerry Yarbrough, Operations Supervisor for Bessemer Utilities.