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Be Counted, Bessemer! City leaders urge residents to complete 2020 Census.

The 2020 Census is here Bessemer! City leaders are urging all residents of Bessemer to participate and complete the Census. An accurate count of Bessemer residents is very important. The Census plays a role in funding our Bessemer receives each year from the state and federal government.

Below are some of the key functions  of the Census:
-        Companies use Census data to determine where to locate new stores, restaurants and other industry.
-        The state of Alabama allocates gas tax and sales tax dollars to cities based in part on Census data.
-        Government officials use Census data to determine where to redraw federal, state and local districts which are important in the election process.
-        Census counts also impact other activities ranging from funding for education to healthcare services.

Census notifications should begin arriving in the area by March 12. Citizens will have several options of completing the Census this year, including online, by phone and through the mail.

Visit in order to fill out your Census form online.